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There's a fine line between you and the competition.
Chalk is the content and technology engine that drives many of today's leading online sports media. The time has come to draw the line between you and the competition.
The time has come to get Chalk.

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websites & apps

Up-to-the-second sport stats, smart design and even smarter technology – the essentials of our websites and apps


The stories, stats, and design that grace the pages of numerous sports magazines and booklets


Content, odds feeds to mainstream websites and newspapers, handicapping sites and poker rooms

why chalk?

You watch the sports newscast and see odds and scores scroll across the bottom of your TV screen. That’s Chalk. You thumb through a football magazine on the newsstand in your bookstore. That’s Chalk. You go online to see the latest news or matchup reports and trends for your sports lottery play or sports bet. That’s Chalk. Chalk is the content and technology engine that drives many of today’s leading sports sites.

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websites & apps

Players need websites that put their needs first. You need sites that attract, convert, and retain. Luckily our sites do both


Chalk provides the stories, stats, graphic design and layout that grace the pages of numerous magazines and booklets

sports stats

We deliver content and odds to mainstream sports websites, newspapers, poker rooms, gov’t lottery corporations, and more

media & content

Chalk provides the in-depth content and services that end up in magazines, on websites, and on TV screens worldwide

time to get chalk

Using the same engines for generating custom reports, the same monster databases of box scores, odds and player stats and the same commitment to editorial and programming excellence, Chalk has quickly carved a niche in the sports space.

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